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Why Karizma !


Karizma isn’t a classical company as it is an incubator for technological projects. It tends to develop technology with its projects, ideas and expertise to fit Arab user’s  ambitions in a fusion with his language and culture

Things we love to do.

Our expertise

Computer softwares and Apps

We offer a wide programming solutions package and prepared products that support various platforms with well-developed technology, to serve commissions, companies’ administration and the different administrative system.

Graphic Design

Today we are living under the visual phase, Thus we offer you a professional team of photographers eager to draw your projects from an artistic perspective.

Mobile Apps

We provide our customers with well advanced services and technological solutions to transfer their Apps into the best functional and attractive ones in adaptation with all platforms and smart devices.

Web and Content development:

Since Websites are the most credible source of information and the core of e-commerce, we persist on developing their content and programs within the most developed technology.

It's not just work, it's passion.

Our vision

Project Segmentation

As we seek for perfection our projects are shared between team members to offer each one an opportunity to create and suit the project scene


We have got a great experts of designers that enjoy large culture, they believe that design is not just drawing a concept but an art need to be translated in attractive form and language

Our Business Network

Our business does not stick to the project completion, we are looking for friendly and lifelong link with our customers and we appreciate being a part of your network.


Marketing is a theory based on statistic, facts and art of communication thus we tend to function all these features while conducting the marketing campaign to reach the ultimate goals

Our best customers

Glad to work with


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