We believe that your success shapes our evolution
Karizma's principles
Karizma is amongst the first tech companies of its kind in Tunisia. Our philosophy is to treat our clients as growth partners first and foremost, and to seek the digital disruption potential in every project that goes through.
For that reason, Karizma Technology is one of the leaders in innovation in Digital Solutions Development in the MENA region. Our Projects, our Development Teams, and our Company Philosophy all strive to be in complete synergy with the MENA development zeitgeist.
Mobile Apps

The mobile app development ecosystem is constantly evolving. Whether from a technical or aesthetical perspective, we aim to deliver a state-of-the-art experience that incorporates the most modern, reactive, and responsive elements for your end users. Trust us, they will feel the difference.

Computer softwares and Applications

Our programming solutions package is versatile and diversified enough to support your company in any of your corporate endeavours, and our in-house Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management offer you a ready-made solution for any of your administrative structuralization needs.

web development and content creation

Beyond Web Design and User Experience Design, our Content Creation package allows you to support your project with relevant and SEO optimized Content developed in-house by us. Our Design are also constantly updated for technical and/or aesthetical performance.

Cloud Computing

Karizma technology is committed to bringing you the most secure and cost-effective Cloud Storage, which will prove indispensable for many of your business and data procession needs.
Any of you projects developed by Karizma will benefit from our Cloud Hosting package which will allow easier, faster, and more secure access to your data.

Big Data

Tap into your company’s biggest untapped wealth and information reservoir. Big Data Analytics gives you the opportunity to exploit your own database to see patterns, paths, and solutions that were previously inaccessible for analysis and extrapolation.

Graphic design

Graphic Design, Motion Graphics Engineering, Photography, Architecture… Here at Karizma we are ready to provide you with a dedicated Visual and Digital Media team that will cover virtually all of your current and future Marketing and Branding needs. Our Designers are here to work alongside on not only coming with a great Brand Identity but also on its realization.

Why Karizma !
We are working hard to produce a range of high-quality digital products
Creativity in visualization
We are keen to understand our customers and to develop what they can think of in order to create the closest and most appropriate perception.
Innovation in designs

We always strive for excellence and uniqueness in our designs. High quality is our goal..

Modernity in techniques

We adopt the latest technologies in both programming and equipments.

Professional programming

The Karizma family has highly qualified members in programming.

Don’t take our word for it… Here is what some of our customers are saying about us


"We were satisfied to work with karizma team in developing Arageek App, They proved their profession, creativity and the capability to solve issues in predefined timeline and deliver considerable work.Therefore we keep working with them in new projects and develop our services to reach an optimal numbers of our target "

Malad Al Madani

CEO & Founder - Arageek.

"When it comes to passion and Knowledge we can create projects full of profession and dynamism, and that push us to work with Karizma team who are passionate with their business and we love what they offer as they develop a high quality application that would be a model to follow "

Ahmad Abdel Kader

CEO AitNews.com

"We have relied on the Karizma team to develop many of our important applications and the applications of our partners in the organization of video games tournaments in the region .. Their work was very impressive and professional. They impressed us with their discipline and keenness on the finest details of creativity, especially the applications of" Electrony " Challenger ".."

Mohamad Al Bessimi

CEO&Founder-Degination Company.

"All greetings and appreciation to the Karizma team for their outstanding work and their patience with us while developing the application of the Bahrain Tourism Portal .. The accuracy of work and discipline in the delivery and much of the tender and attention made us renew the deal with them to develop more of our other projects. . "

Khaled Al Khaled

CEO - B4bhcom.

More than work, your success is our passion.

Our vision

Project Segmentation

Any project you choose to develop within Karizma is segmented in-house to have each of its facets and features explored and worked on by the most specialized and experienced team of high expertise individuals in their respective field of expertise.
Innovation at Karizma is not a guarantee… It’s a given.


Elegant and Efficient Digital Designs are not just an everyday goal our Design Team strives for… They are a way of life. Our designers are dedicated to bringing both the Art and Science of their design philosophies to life in your project in the most vivid and impactful ways.

Our Business Network

More than clients; in over a decade of activity Karizma Technology is still actively conceptualizing, developing, and rolling out projects for its earliest accounts.
Our proactive attitude towards Design and Development work has lead us to actively seek out improvements and synergies for projects that will carry over onto your future iterations with us.


The Prime Directive of our Marketing Division is to leave no stone unturned both in the elaboration and application of your Branding and/or Marketing strategy.
There is not a technology, medium, or strategy that Karizma Technology has not experimented with or applied in the past. Our portfolio includes VR and AR solutions, complete e-commerce solutions, influencer buy-outs, topical branded and sponsored content, and much, much more.

Our best customers

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