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Our story

We don’t have a considerable business history, but we have a great potential.

Since 2014 we have established our company with only 2 employees. Years later our team get larger, our services have been boosted and our ambitions as well. We are no longer start up company as we become a premium competitor in the market and we tend to be the predominant IT company in the national and International stage.

Today and after 5 years of profession, our team has embedded over than 20 employees with different technical and administrative profiles. It directs its services to different technological sectors, tends to deliver the ongoing changes and provides the region’s market with the most advanced technological solutions. We aim to expand our markets and our specialities searching for the creative and competent talents.

Our premium aim is providing special technical products that target the international markets, launching department for research and development,attracting entrepreneurs, adopting scientific research methods and moving the online business towards advanced stage.



We seek to benefit from the available technological solutions in the market as a first phase of our successful plan, and build an open source software that is paid to deliver successful products.



We sponsor technological research with adaption of academic projects devoted for scientific studies in technology and related services, as we keep the opportunities for rebellious thoughts owners to be a part of our team.



We tend to reach the goal of working with platforms and technology derived from our staff to be technically independent and serve human being.

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Words that we are proud of…

"When it comes to passion and Knowledge we can create projects full of profession and dynamism, and that what push us to work with Karizma team who are passionate with their business and we love what they offer as they develop high quality application would be a model to follow”

Ahmad Abdel Kader


“We were satisfied to work with karizma team in developing Aragueek App, They proved their profession, creativity and the capability to solve issues in predefined timeline and deliver considerable work.Therefore we keep working with them in new projects and develop our services to reach an optimal numbers of our taget.”

Malad Al Madani

CEO & Founder - Arageek

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