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Fields of Use

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Data Collection

Necessary data is collected based on the goals and needs of the analysis. Our expertise and tools are such that we are efficiently able to store and collect data regardless of its source, size and original format.

Setting Goals

Goal setting is the first and most important stage of data analysis. We will be alongside you in the process of understanding and identifying your goals before embarking on the extrapolatory and analytical processes. This methodology allows us to ensure success and achieve our objectives with the highest level of efficiency.

Data Modeling and Visualization

Purposes of Modelization and Visualization are amongst our first steps in the analytical process. Our team is comprised of both Data Scientists, and creative Data Visualization Specialists. This allows us to both discover the relationship and links between different sets of data, as well as derive inspirational visualizations and predictions out of them.

Cleanning And Formatting Data

In addition to the multiplicity of sources and formulas, large sets of data are often full of misspellings, as well as incomplete or worthless information. Our mission is to retrieve, arrange and coordinate such data, while ensuring the integrity and maximization of the analytical process.

Evaluation Of Results

Following the data modeling, forecasting and prediction phases, a comprehensive review and evaluation process is conducted to ensure the validity and integrity of results. After which our analysis will be providing you with perceptions, patterns, and plans to ensure the success and spread of your work in the medium or long term.

Platforms and technologies we support