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What distinguishes our office solutions?


Our solutions for managing your various platforms and projects are available on all platforms and devices, and enable you to remain constantly updated with the latest developments in your business by traveling with you, wherever, whenever.

User-facing Interfaces

Management solutions built according to scientific standards in design and output based on decades of experience. We are here to meet your users’ need for a flexible browsing experience..

Efficiency and speed

Using our in-house software and auditing code will empower your business with high-performance; stable applications and the fastest standards for industrial data processing.

Maximum protection

We adopt the highest industrial standards for security and use the most developed encryption technology available to protect your business’ data as well as your users’ private information.

Technical support

We continuously provide assistance, guidance and supervision, and we do not simply stop at the point of sale. The continuation of our technical support offering goes hand in
hand with continuation of our excellence and success..

Cloud Computing

Karizma technology is committed to bringing you the most secure and cost-effective Cloud Storage, which will prove indispensable for many of your business and data procession needs.
Any of you projects developed by Karizma will benefit from our Cloud Hosting package which will allow easier, faster, and more secure access to your data.

Engaging Animations

Business and account management applications are usually complex and diverse so we provide you with a library of video annotations to help you professionally use them.

Multilingual Package

Working with a plural multinational team or collaborating with partners from different countries? Karisma Solutions for Business Applications provides multilingual interfaces that include more than 10 different global languages.


In business, business and enterprise applications, we provide flexible and flexible control and control tools that tailor your work to the way you want.

Interdependence and integration

Our suite of ERP applications are interconnected in a way that provides you with a single interface synergizing your different businesses and accounts.

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