Representation and Agency

Karizma Technology is an official company registered under the Tunisian law of Companies Foundation as an exporting company devotes all its services towards various technology sectors such as:

  • Mobile App developments within different platforms
  • Develop and design Internet websites & App
  • Developing and programming softwares and desktop App
  • Graphic and audio-visual production
  • Develop IOT solutions and related technology
  • BIG data Solutions
  • Data security and digital protection
  • Marketing and ecommerce
  • Market research of technological projects

Karizma Technology opts to target the whole universe within its services and technological solutions and seeks to enhance its brand in the international market through implementing multi partnerships or exclusive ones with entities, institutions and companies concerned by technological and service sectors.
In this concern karizma offers the opportunity for any proposal related to conducting a partnership or representation in a foreign market, the applicant for this proposal must be :

  • Legitimate and registered entity in his local country where the procuration would take place.
  • Well reputed entity in the hosting country and has no troubles with any party.
  • well-informed about the major technological sectors in which Karizma is performing.
  • Creative and professional party and eager to adapt Karizma’s working strategy.
  • Enjoy High financial capacity and able to implement effective marketing campaign and sponsoring ads

Any party tends to get procuration contract, he could load the procuration draft of general Acts and review its articles.
Also you could contact us through the email address of marketing department