“Bahrain Gate” App

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What we learnt?

“Bawabat Al Bahrain” will be ready on Google play and App store. Through this app we have learnt 3 major qualities to guarantee success of any tourist app: intelligence-accuracy and reliability, simple colors, special attention to photos and videos and more flexible user experience.

The used platforms

Development Tools : Android Studio, Xcode
Platforms : NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3
Data Base : MangoDB
Backend Platform : Parse Server

General Info

Client : Bahrain Gate.
Date : 10 May, 2017
Link : b4bh.com
Type : Mobile app, Control dashboard Website

Technical Development

As a tourist guide application wants to succeed and takes its position in the region, we have developed an algorithm for processing geographic data and filtering locations according to the user movement. We have provided the project with the sensitive data alerts which can track the user’s time and daily movements.

Visual identity

Tourist apps and any other app related to traveling, presenting cities or places usually needs a dynamic and official design because it will reflects the country cultures and traditions and that’s exactly what we have implemented in this application.

About ``Bahrain Gate``
The app description

This application is a tourist guide, it includes videos and photos that present restaurants, festivals, museums… in Bahrain city also it contains maps that guide the user to the right places in the area.