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What did we learn?

In our region we don’t have a platform provides Shop’s owners with smart applications to advertise for their products, therefore we opt to develop this application to offer better technological solutions and become closer to the market.

About the app

We have developed this application to enable E-shop owners to have a flexible and smart mobile app with great customization, modification and follow-up customers.

General info

Client : Matajer.
Date : 28 January, 2017
Link :
Type : Mobile App, Dashboard, Website

NoSql Databases
The used platforms

Lightness and flexibility in terms of Data and Orders treatment and working offline were our premium concerns while developing Mataajer App as we chose to use Mangodb platform and Nodejs engine to reach amazing outcomes concerning spedity and stability.

User experience
Design and interface

Since the applications would showcase the products and try to convince user to purchase, it has to be very official and credible while selecting the design, browsing tools and content presentation, and that was our focal point when we developed Matajer Apps within all platforms.

Special additions
Digital signature

We worked on adding the digital signature for the invoices while purchasing to allow customer and seller from further options to promote credibility and become paperless community using smart apps.