Nazaha Mobile App

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What did we Learn?

It was quite important to Work with governmental project, so it was an amazing and distinctive experience in which we learnt how to care about several details that is not available in other private projects.

We get profit from this experience according to the high security standard.

The used platforms

Tools : Android Studio, Xcode
Dashboard : NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3
Database : MangoDB
Backend Platform : Parse Server

General Info

Client :Saudi Anti-Corruption Commission.
Date : 28 January 2017
Link :
Type : IOS, Android, Backend

Technical development
New Platforms

We persist to provide the app with additional techniques that keep the good performance, including the provision of data analysis, follow-up the use policies and real-time based on Countly platform.

App Design
Visual Identity

We have convinced “Nazaha” administration to adopt trendy design for the app, adaptable to IOS-Android keeping the fundamental colors of the commission’s logo and developing some icons and programs in order to improve the UX.


what is Nazaha?
Project description

This app helps Saudi citizens to report any administrative corruption within the governmental institutions and send it to Saudi Commission Anti Corruption “Nazaha”.
From this app, users can be updated about the commission’s latest news and offer ideas to improve the controlling system in the Kingdom.