Classified Ads Mobile App ”Mubawaba”

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What we learnt ?

The M.Commerce is highly consumed in the Arab area and we witnessed a great experience while we developed Mubawaba as it allows us to improve UX, generate more facilities for browsing process and adaptation to the different range of users.

About the app

Mubawaba is an Application that collects all small business owners, supply chains of used goods and consumers to sell and buy and even to contact each other via the application.

App infos

Client : FutureData est.
Date : 3 September, 2015
Link :
Type : IOS,Android

Big size images
Media and Attachments

User could attach big photos with high resolution HD without being compressed as the application works with Server Cloud and data base system MangoDB which offer fast data treatment within a great capacity.

Lightness & Flexibility
Fast performance

The user who wants to sell his products needs a fast treatment to launch his ads and he is not assigned to put long description , therefore we focus on keywords and concise description for the content promoted by videos and photos.

User Experience
The concept

In This App we focused on providing the user with simple and comfortable colours associated with one- page-based content for showing the major users’ concerns and avoid over browsing added to titles and icons supported by different screens.