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We have development and design strategies that are able to sweep the gaming market.
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Characteristics of successful video games
Formulating the idea of the game

We value our customers’ ideas and help them formulate the idea of ​​the game they want to design. Our deep understanding of this type of application makes us realize that users must understand the rules of the game and be able to pass different levels to ensure its success and spread.

Latest techniques and technologies

We are following the great development of gaming application development and using the latest in artificial intelligence technology, virtual reality technologies and enhanced reality. We also support game control techniques through eye movement or hands and use wearable technology to give users a different experience.

User experience

Experience is one of the keys to succeed a video game design.
Karizma is committed to designing and developing an enjoyable and unique user experience that will help you attract users and make them spend long hours playing.

Designs and drawings

The success of the video game depends on the success of the user experience. A successful user experience needs the design of attractive and professional interfaces. We pay great attention to the designs and graphics of gaming applications and keep pace with the latest universal design trends.

Development Tools

We rely on a sophisticated range of platforms and tools.
We choose what fits in with the nature of the game you want to design. We have a team of talented developers who are able to create high-performance, quality gaming applications.


Your game won’t be successful no matter how great it is unless you get a large number of players. Which will allow you to make profits and sweep the market. We provide you with marketing plans to promote your game and target the fans of games on the platforms of social networking and forums.